Illustrations and personal work
Welcome to John Lilly Design...

Welcome to John Lilly Design. Please contact me via email, JLILLY at JohnLillyDesign, for more information and samples.

John is job hunting, go ahead and download my resume.

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Lizzy's Hair Designs Joey Fresh Municipal Point logo Kenosia Construction website Temponi Granite and Marble website Municipal Point logo Planet of Sound brochure Planet of Sound logo March of Dimes Jekielek Law HTML Email-Travelers Golf HTML Email-Concierge Claim HTML Email-Travelers Workplace Campaign Flash Slideshow for National Catholic Register website Flash timeline for National Catholic Register website Website for Friends of the Legion Gala McRae Capital Posiedan Scuba Diving Front end web design for Integer's job search site Intranet site for Circle Media Clutch Management

This in no way, shape, or form reflects all of the projects I've been in involved with, everything I've ever done and what I can do. Please contact me directly for more information about specific pieces and what I can offer you and your company.
My Resume.

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Illustrations and personal work.

Little Red Riding Hood Johny Lethal Bird Lady Gas Mask Penguin Sheep Elephant with Banner Ignite 2012 PSA Space Race-Thanks Monkey. Digital Muse